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I am a student working toward my first degree in Nursing.  I will graduate December 2014 with High Honors.  My Christmas wish however, is for my children.  I work 16 hours per week as a Home Health Aide.  I bring home $295 every 2 weeks.  More than the majority of my income is spent on gas and tolls to get me from my classes, clinical location, my client’s home and transporting my elderly father to and from appointments.  I am also my family’s matriarch.

I am unable to provide coats and boots for my children and myself.  I have tried community resources, without success.  I also have reached the point in my education where I can take the state exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  This will allow me to obtain better employment, as well as acquire much-needed experience in my future field as an Advanced Practice Midwife.

I am so close to achieving my goals and providing a much better life for my family.  But, right now we are living in really lean times, with regard to financial means.  Please, help me by providing coats, boots, and the testing fee for my state exam.  This list may not seem like much, but right now it is everything to us.  I have 3 children at home.  My son is 16 and my daughters are 7 and 5 years-old.  We are currently layering jackets and hooded sweaters with canvas shoes on our feet, but as Chicago’s harsh winter progresses, this will simply not be sufficient.  Please, grant my wish.

Thank you sincerely, Vanessa King

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