4. In The Mood For A Candy Bar? Quick, Have A “LUNA® Bar”

I’ve been eating LUNA® Bars for many moons now so join the team ladies. Nutritious meets delicious in these RAD bars created by and for women. I’m telling you, girl power never tasted so good. With 15 flavors to choose from you can now count on taking the cheat out of your afternoon treat. I love the Caramel Nut Brownie on the days when a Snickers tries to call my name, and when a sweet and salty craving kicks in I always go for the Peanut Honey Pretzel. Each 1.69 oz (48g) LUNA® Bar has around 180 calories with 9-10g protein and 3-5g fiber. It is high in calcium, folic acid and iron, a good source of Vitamin D, and rich in antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E). Can’t wait to hear what your favorite flavors will be FitGirl goddess!

5. Add More Crunch To Your Munch With “Cascadian Farm” Bars

Pick a bar, any bar! Cascadian Farm has all your organic snack time needs covered. With crunchy, chewy and most recently protein options the simple yet delicious flavors available were too good not to share. Peanut butter is my absolute favorite thing in the world so I loved how this rockstar brand incorporates this flavor into many of their bars. Not a fan of PB? No worries, there are several other flavors to chose from. The chewy bars are kid sized so throw a couple in your purse on your way out the door, and while you are at it don’t forget your pre workout bar – a protein chewy bar. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip  bar is large and in charge. Was super shocked to see how much yummy goodness I could have for 250 calories. Couple this with 9g of protein and 3g of fiber and you have the perfect pre or post workout treat.

6. Keep It Simple And Sweet With A “LÄRABAR®”

“If you can’t pronounce it, then don’t eat it,” is my number one clean eating rule. So when I skimmed over the nutrition facts of a LÄRABAR® it was snack bar love at first sight (and bite). So what is a LÄRABAR®? Why I’m glad you asked. It is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Boom, that simple. Each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients yet the options are plentiful. For instance the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is everything nature intended it to be. Way better than batter (say that 10X fast), this sweet treat is made with cashews, dates, chocolate chips and sea salt. That’s it. The Apple Pie is to die for and the Pecan Pie is super delicious – not rebellious.

And if your looking for something with more texture (the LÄRABAR® is blended) go for a LÄRABAR über®. These babies are a unique sweet and salty snack made from whole fruits and nuts too. Chunky and lovely. The Bananas Foster literally had me double checking the ingredient list every bite for butter. Nope just pure simple goodness!

The Bar Exam is now completely. Totally passed. Now indulge and enjoy!

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!

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