Nas Wanted A Family Feel On “Life’s A Bitch”

If you ask any producer who worked on “Illmatic” and they’ll tell you Nas knew exactly what he was looking for when it came to beat selection. Many of the beats you hear on “Illmatic” were the first beats each producer played for the legendary rhymer. That was especially the case on the beloved cut “Life’s A Bitch.” Producer L.E.S. says he only played Nas one beat and that beat became the AZ-assisted track. Nas said the beat reminded him of being at home on Saturday mornings with his mother because of the “Yearning For Your Love” sample. That familial feeling caused Nas to get his father Olu Dara on the song for a trumpet solo. Nas told his father to play something that reminded him of the music they used to listen to when Nas was a kid.



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