Eye Care for KidsImagine yourself as a kid who can’t see what is written on the blackboard in your school class room.  Trouble is, kids often don’t realize their vision is less adequate than the child sitting next to them.

Ellen Efsic with Eye Care for Kids says it is a problem that drives kids out of school, because, without help, they just can’t succeed. “Undetected and untreated eye problems with children are some of our most under-recognized and fixable problems that we have.”

Eye Care for Kids screens kids in 50 Houston-area school districts for vision problems, and then provides help in the form of vouchers to those whose parents can’t afford to buy glasses on their own.

According to Efsic,”We have been able to provide glasses for approximately 3000 kids each year.”

Trouble is, Efsic says there are many more children who need help.  “There’s more than 22-thousand kids in our school systems in the greater Houston area that left school last year that we knew needed glasses and didn’t have them.”

The key, of course, is more money, and those who play golf can certainly help by participating in the Golf Fore Sight Tournament at Quail Valley Country Club.  It starts at noon, Thursday, May 22nd.

The minimum 250 dollar entry fee includes, lunch, a round of golf, dinner provided by Trulucks Seafood and Crab House, as well as a tournament cap and glove.  There’s registration information at the Eye Care for Kids web site.




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