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At 12 and 13 years old kid’s interests are usually music, sneakers and video games, not touring and actually being a rock star. Changing that perception is a trio of young musicians from Brooklyn, Malcolm Brickhouse (13), Alec Atkins (13), and Jarad Dawkins (12) These 8th graders formed a rock band called Unlocking The Truth. Their Youtube video went viral and that was the beginning of what is happening now.

After being discovered by Eric Clapton’s drummer, Steve Jordan while they performed in Washington Square Park, they have been offered a 2 album record deal with Sony. An additional 4 album option, could earn them 1.7 million dollars. Not bad for a tweener!

Being called the new face of rock, they’re touring and playing some major gigs like Coachella and opening up for Guns N Roses. They’re also getting endorsements, writing a book and filming a documentary. It’s good to know that one of the boy’s mothers is co-managing the group.  We wish these youngsters well. Click here to read more.