When we were kids my parents always said to us, “Don’t play with fire,” so when does dousing oneself with a flammable liquid and lighting yourself on fire a good idea? Uh, never! But apparently a lot of today’s young people do. In the latest of dumb internet and Youtube challenges, which by the way are extremely dangerous, people are posting videos of the Fire Challenge. You are to pour a flammable liquid like isopropyl alcohol all over your torso, light yourself on fire and quickly extinguish yourself in the shower or a swimming pool. It takes no thought to know that this is, if not more, idiotic that the Pass Out Challenge where you basically cut off oxygen to your brain until you pass out.  Today, I saw the Condom Challenge where a young lady inhaled a condom through her nose and pulled it out through her mouth! She could have suffocated. Again, where does it make sense to jeopardize your life so your friends can laugh at you for 3 minutes or so you can become Facebook famous? Just dumb! I mean, really! How could any of these challenges ‘not’ go horribly wrong? Parents really need to talk to their teenagers about the dangers of these challenges. This is serious and the people who share these videos are only adding fuel to the flames. Pun intended.This must stop! Internet sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are in the process of deleting these videos from their sites. Click here to read more about the 15 year old in Kentucky who suffered severe injuries due to “not thinking, really”.


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