Three Black women. One night. Are you ready?

Not only is “Scandal” back with a new season (sans Columbus Short) starring a no longer pregnant Kerry Washington (that means no more awkward shots that hide her belly), it’s airing on the same night as the “new” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away With Murder” with Viola Davis. The woman behind the highly anticipated lineup? Shonda Rhimes!

They’re calling it “Shondaland Thursday” and we’re like hells yeah! Washington, Ellen Pompeo, Davis and Rhimes sat down with ABC to discuss the historic night. How does Shonda feel about the epic night? “It’s exciting,” she said during the candid sit-down with the gals.

“It is very daring. If you like great drama, that’s where you come,” she added. “It’s going to be an edge-of-your-seat three-hour block of time on Thursday nights.”

Kerry’s advice? “Buckle up!”

Peep the interview above, but don’t get your hopes up. Rhimes doesn’t give any spoilers. Boo!

ABC’s #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) kicks off Sept. 25 at 8pm with “Grey’s Anatomy.”


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