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0813/14 –

Dear Tom,

Four months ago, my wife gave birth to a baby boy named Lorenzo Edward Wallace. Lorenzo was born with a chronic illness called Mitochondria disease.  This disorder causes poor growth, loss of muscle coordination and weakness, seizures, gastrointestinal issues, learning disabilities and possible organ failure.  As of right now there is no cure for this disease.

We have two other young sons that have the same disorder as Lorenzo.  In total, we have 3 beautiful boys that have special needs and are considered medically fragile. I provide the only income in our household with my job in Georgia. I travel home on the weekends.   My wife carries the 24-hour medical care of tube feedings, blood sugar checks, therapy and medications.  She also takes them weekly to see a specialist in Jacksonville, 95 miles from our home.

Tom, my wife and i could use a Christmas wish right now to lessen the load we are carrying. It would help us if you could cover the very expensive formula Lorenzo must consume every two hours in order to prevent his body from going into starvation mode.    A case of the formula will keep him fed for a month at the cost of $1,200.  With medical bills drowning us, the stress of meeting our everyday expenses and the responsibilities that come with our boys, we could really use a break.

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