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With all of the negative attention Ferguson, Missouri has been receiving since the shooting of Mike Brown, it’s good to here some positive news coming from the St. Louis area. Some of the larger media outlets, while reporting the news, are failing to shine a light on the genuine goodness of the people trying to maintain peace and find a sense of normalcy in their town, now riddled in chaos for the entire world to see.

So that the world doesn’t think that Ferguson has turned into a hell hole, click here to check out some people who are helping instead of adding fuel to the fire, like the story about a group unsung heroes who have been handing out food, water and diapers inspiring others to commit random acts of kindness.  There are young people, often deemed as thugs, helping to protect their neighborhood stores and businesses from looters and countless church volunteers desperately helping to restore and heal their community. This is the real story.

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