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08/27/14 –

Dear Tom:

My family has been through a lot in the past year.  I have been sick and did not work for a few months, which means i am playing catch up now on my bills.   During this time, we also suffered the sudden tragic loss of family members. My uncle, father, aunt— and most traumatic—in January, my fourteen year- old son, who woke up one evening to tell me he could not breathe and he passed out.   I was a wreck, but my sixteen year-old son, Taiwan—who has never taken a CPR course—gave his little brother mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrived.   We made it to the hospital, but unfortunately my baby boy didn’t make it.

We have all been dealing with these tragedies in different ways.   Taiwan’s way is through graphics that he creates on his laptop, given to him by my deceased aunt.  Sadly, his screen on his laptop shattered and I can’t afford to get him another.  He is a wonderful child who takes great care of me and his little sister.   He is never in trouble and is very respectful and responsible.  He was even awarded the youth ambassador for Christ award at our church this year.

Taiwan deserves so much that i wish i could give him.   Please, grant my Christmas wish and help me get him a new laptop.   It would be greatly appreciated.

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