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09/11/14 –

Dear Tom,

The life of Charlotte McCann has not been an easy one.  She was born with hip dysplasia her right side and was unable to walk, run and play like all the other kids.

When she was 11, the ball joint of her hip bone slipped out of the socket causing her to fall and break other bones.  She was in and out of full body casts until she was 14 and still unable to bend her right knee.

When she was 17, charlotte’s mother died and there was no one to take care of her, no one to guide her, and she knew nothing about shelters.  It was cold on out there on those streets.  She prayed to god to help her make it out and when she did, she went on to help others by working in the medical field.

Everything was going well until a car accident at age 35 broke more bones and placed her on disability.  Not being able to work was depressing her, so she decided to start volunteering her skills and services to the community.

In 2006, she founded building strong women – a nonprofit that helps recovering homeless women & children who are in similar situations that she was once in at age 17.  She now operates five sober transitional houses in flint.

This woman puts God first, family second, and community third.  I want her to know that she is appreciated more than she will ever know.  She deserves to be treated like a queen – I know it’s been ages since she pampered herself.

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