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Seems like the NFL is in desperate need of Olivia Pope and her Gladiators. Could even she help to fix this public relations nightmare that includes players accused of domestic abuse and an owner being sued by an ex-stripper for sexual assault. To make matters worse, the Minnesota Viking’s star running back, Adrian Petersen has been indicted in Montgomery County, Texas on charges of, reckless or negligent injury to a child. He has been accused of and has admitted to spanking/disciplining his 4 year-old son with a switch. It wasn’t unheard of for many of today’s generation of adults to have gotten a spanking with a switch. Heck, some had to even go out to a bush and pick their own switch! Petersen has said that he was only disciplining his child as he had been growing up in East Texas and did not try to hurt his son. He is co-operating with authorities and has hired high powered Houston attorney Rusty Hardin, who has represented other athletes in high profile cases (Roger Clemens, Calvin Murphy). Hardin says Petersen is a loving father and issued a statement on his client’s behalf.  It’s important to note that a few years ago Adrian Petersen had a 2-year son to die allegedly as a result of abuse by the child’s mother’s boyfriend. Read more here.