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The Majic team has created an initiative to assist Jillian Simmons, founder of JJ’s I’m Me Foundation and I’m Me Tour. The I’m Me Foundation is a 501c3 organization providing positive social experiences, character building training and self worth through education and entertainment. This fundraising endeavor will benefit JJ’s continued efforts to empower and inspire young women. Since it’s inception, JJ has solely funded the Foundation and Tour out-of-pocket.

JJ is a proud mother to a beautiful six-year-old daughter. She uses her passion from the “mommy experience” to advocate for higher quality prenatal care in underprivileged communities. Although she has always had an innate desire to empower others, raising a daughter has deepened her desire to foster change in the lives of women, and inspired her to give birth to the I’m Me Foundation.

Sow a seed for self-esteem by donating today!