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09/24/14 –

Dear Tom,

I have wanted to write this letter for such a long time, but I couldn’t because for past five years I’ve been very sick with osteoarthritis, heart disease and mourning the loss of my son. I finally, found the strength to put pen to paper because i can’t wait any longer to see someone very special to me— my grandson, little Eric.

I wanted to first tell you about my son, big Eric, who I loved very much.   He was in the navy and served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Persian Gulf War fighting Saddam Hussein.  He served his country with distinction and received a gold seal commendation from the President.   He was honorably discharged from the service and returned to his wife and children. On September 5, 2009 Eric departed this life at the age of thirty-nine after suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia.

Tom, I have a special bond with my 24 year-old, grandson, little Eric.  He is the spitting image of my late husband and my son.  I raised him and his siblings for six years while big Eric served overseas.  Little Eric lives in Jacksonville, Florida and I haven’t seen him since his dad’s funeral service.   I miss him so much that my heartaches and i just want to smother him with kisses.   I pray that you will send me to Jacksonville and put me up in hotel near his duplex, so i can surprise him with a visit.


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