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The Centers For Disease Control is projecting that the Ebola virus could potentially go through a devastating boom of new infections by the beginning of next year.

The health organization has just put out a statistical forecast that contained some alarming calculations. According to researchers studying the outbreak, the number of new infections could reach 1.4 million by the end of January in two worst-case scenarios. It’s predicted that the populations in Liberia and Sierra Leone would be the hardest hit under the circumstances of those scenarios.

The epidemic, which is mainly affecting West Africa, has stirred up fear of a wider outbreak in people all over the world. Even #TeamBeautiful has had its concerns. Taking that into consideration, the CDC’s data is even more worrisome because the New England Journal of Medicine published an article stating that the Ebola virus may never be brought under control just hours before the organization presented its findings.

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Researchers for the CDC did couch their information by stating that the United States’ quick response may go a long way to containing the virus, thereby curbing a global outbreak. CDC Director Tom Frieden also pointed out that the research does not factor in plans that the U.S. and the international community has (or will) implement. If U.S. officials are going to do anything about the outbreak in West Africa, Tom suggests that they get to It ASAP.

“A surge now can break the back of the epidemic, but delay is extremely costly,” he stated, The Washington Post reports.

Information is a powerful tool in any fight. However, releasing stats that show the aggressive, deadly virus could spread exponentially is terrifying. While the CDC was doing its job by showing officials how quickly and how badly things could get out of hand with this epidemic, perhaps it would have been better for the agency to handle its findings with a bit more care.


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