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By now I’m sure you have seen the video of the family in Hammond, Indiana who were pulled over for a seatbelt violation when all hell breaks loose.

That was the sound of police breaking the passenger window with a baton and then shooting Jamal Jones with a stun gun in front of his girlfriend, their 14-year old son and 7-year old daughter.

The girlfriend, Lisa Mahone was driving and had already handed over her license.

But Jones says he didn’t have one because it had been taken during a previous traffic violation.

The couple says they didn’t get out of the car because they thought the officers were behaving erratically while brandishing guns so they feared for their lives.

The children watched it all unfold.

The 7-year old girl watched in horror.

The 14-year old boy videotaped the entire thing on his phone.

That videotape has gone viral.

The family is suing.

When I asked Jamal Jones, knowing what he knows now, would he have changed anything?

He told me no, he would not leave his family in the car alone.

Police are saying they were well within their rights and that Jones should have just gotten out of the car.

Every legal expert we’ve interviewed on CNN, black, white, man, woman, liberal, conservative has said the same thing, that Jones and anyone stopped by a police officer should just comply.

But those same experts also say busting out a window and shooting electricity into someone for a seatbelt violation is just as bad as not surrendering.

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