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10/09/14 –

Dear Tom,

My mom is a class of ’77 graduate of Bethune-Cookman University.  She worked at Boeing Helicopters for 28 years until she was forced to retire due to some health problems related to a heart procedure back in April.

Like all of us, she had a lot of ups and downs in life but this single mom got to see all of her boys graduate from high school without getting into any trouble and become exemplary black men who live to serve.

Terrel is her oldest son – a first class sergeant who has been on 3 deployments to the Middle East:  Afghanistan, Kosovo & Iraq.  Her second child Travis also works at Boeing helicopters & has a cleaning business on the side.

Those are her sons…my biological mother had left me at the hospital after I was born.  Dee rescued me from the foster care system that had me in & out of 3 different homes before i could even walk.  She saved my little brother, Gregory, too – he had been placed with an abusive and neglectful foster parent.

She gave us a new lease on life when she adopted us.  My little brother is studying carpentry and I am a junior at my mother’s alma mater persuing a degree in education.

My mom is happily retired and loves working on home improvement projects.  Right now, she says her kitchen needs a makeover – she basically wants to re-tile the floor, the backsplash and get new countertops.

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