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According to studies, at any given time, more than 600,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving. More than 400,00 people were injured due to either themselves or other drivers being distracted while behind the wheel. And it only seems to get worse. How often have you been driving, look over at the car next to you and saw them with their head down, eyes on their phone instead of on the road. Irritating, right? Especially when the person in front of you at a red light, and is not paying attention when the light turns green! Yeesh, that guy!

Driving while texting or using an electronic device is illegal in most states, but drivers try to be slick and think they are getting away with it. I’ve got news for you guys. Cops are developing ways to catch offenders. It’s really not worth it, so stop it. Click here to see 6 ways police can tell if you’re texting and driving.

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