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Wendy Williams may have just crossed a line while chatting about Mathew Knowles‘ newest baby’s mother.

TaQoya Brascomb has insisted that she wasn’t being an opportunist in a statement to family court. She revealed her daughter with Mathew, a 4-year-old cutie named Koi, to the world last week. The real estate agent claims that she was never looking for anything more out of Mathew than just for him to take care of his responsibility with little Koi, and she stated that she wished she didn’t have to bring their situation before the nation to get him to do that.

Wendy, however, believes that TaQoya is nothing but a liar that’s trying to help her daughter make a name for herself by associating the child with Beyonce’s family. TaQoya has signed her daughter up for acting and modeling gigs after all.

“If you think that she’s going to get a big record deal, that’s not going to happen,” Wendy sniped during a “Hot Topics” session this week. “I think that Koi Mychael Knowles will be able to perform at the state fair.”

Talking about an adult is one thing, but commenting on a child’s ability has rubbed some people the wrong way. People take it very seriously when you disparage a child because they are essentially defenseless, and Wendy branding Koi as a wannabe at just 4 years old ticked off quite a few people off–not the least of which has been TaQoya.

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“Wendy is out of line for talking about my child’s potential, and how she won’t be as famous as Beyoncé when her a*s has no idea,” TaQoya said in an online statement. “She is encouraging bullying and hating just because of Beyoncé’s status. Also who’s to say if Mathew will or will not be in Koi’s life in the future?”

And TaQoya had some shade for Wendy, when she reminded the chat host that she came from a bad background herself before becoming America’s favorite gossip.

“I’m fighting for my daughter’s rights so she won’t have to fight for them eighteen years from now,” TaQoya explained. “To say that my daughter isn’t going to be a successful entertainer because of the way she was conceived is like saying man-looking, former crackheads could never have their own talk show.”

Well! We almost hate to say this, but Wendy just got read for absolute filth!


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