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I was on The Huffington Post’s website looking at some stories and came across a very interesting blog about how technology is messing with our mind and body.

Below are the physical effects and the mental effects of modern technology.

Physical Effects:

Staring at your phone all day might wreck your spine.

Your phone could cause blemishes.

WiFi exposure may lower men’s sperm count.

All that messaging may be giving you text claw.

Too much screen use could strain your eyes.

Constant tech-indulgence may be giving you a headache.

Mental Effects:

All that Googling can cause anxiety.

Staring at screen can mess with your sleep.

Loneliness and Facebook browsing are inextricably linked.

You could suffer from withdrawals.

Too much tech is literally changing your brain.

Interesting right?  All this stuff going on when we look down at our phones and we ain’t even know it! lol