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Dear Tom,

This letter is hard for me to write, but here it goes. I would like to request a Christmas wish for my daughter, Sierra Mathews.   Sierra is an 18 year-old freshman at Bowling Green State University, who found out last November that she has a rare form of ovarian cancer.   She was already in stage 3 when it was discovered.

Tom, the same day of her cancer diagnosis, Sierra was offered a college internship at Disney, but had to postpone accepting it.   She also had to stop going to classes because she underwent emergency surgery to remove a 13 pound tumor that started spreading to her other vital organs.   Since then, she has been undergoing chemo treatments, which caused drastic weight-loss and her hair, eyebrows and eye lashes to fall out.   She went to be fitted for a wig, but she is so tiny, none of the wigs fit or looked right on her—heart breaking!

My Christmas wish is for Sierra to be able to go on a shopping spree to buy new, warm weather clothes for her internship, to get special make up so the loss of her eyebrows and lashes won’t be so obvious and to have a wig custom made.   She also would like a tablet to continue taking on-line classes, so she doesn’t lose valuable time.

Let me say that Sierra has been very strong through this whole process.   She has kept a positive outlook and tells everyone not to feel sorry for her— that she is going to kick cancer’s butt and that they can come visit her at Disney.

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