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Dear Tom,


I would like to nominate my mother- Patricia “Tee” Martin. I think my mom is deserving of being your featured mom. My other works in the field of social services and is less than 5 years away from retirement. Her field allows her to help others and she definitely does this outside of work as well. She very resourceful and is always willing to help other find resources for programs in the community to help with their needs. People always call my mom when they need info and she is always more than willing to help. In addition my mother loves kids.

I am her only child but my mom always surrounded me around cousins and even now the younger generation of kids n out family always want to visit” Tee”. She even has kids in her neighborhood who ring her doorbell just to say hello to her. My mom doesn’t drive because of a medical condition that hose acquired about 10 yeas ago. as a result she relies on me and other family member to take her places. She doesn’t travel much and I think it would be great for her to just get a mini vacation somewhere so that she can visit someplace while she can. She would need a companion to travel with her of course because she cant go alone. I think if she could go to California or Florida and just be a tourist she would love that. Please Tom Joyner consider my mother to be your Thursday Morning Mom.

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