‘They thought it was something that I would do. They were not surprised about it at all,”Eleby says.

Eleby, a Houston native who held the wedding in her hometown, lives and works in Saudi Arabia as a kindergarten teacher.

She is dating a man who fully supported her non-traditional wedding, so there might be more weddings in Eleby’s future. There were elements of her wedding that reflected the usual union – Eleby had a cake with her initials on top instead of a the figures of a couple. But she didn’t ask for gifts because she lives abroad which makes it difficult to transport certain items. As for her wedding night, Eleby says “When you’re alone, you can make as much noise as you want to.”

As for the purple gown, she says that was just a personal preference.

“Purple is my favorite color. I never really thought about wearing white,” Eleby said.

(Photo Source: Courtesy of Black Art In America)

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