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Sherri Shepherd has been warned. She says she’s trying to lose 15 pounds before the 2015 Fantastic Voyage, but the TJMS seems to think it’s just not a wise idea as power eating is part of the many activities onboard.

“I’ve lost two pounds for Fantastic Voyage,” Shepherd says. “When I wobble, I will be 15 pounds lighter. If I lose the 15 pounds, I can eat,” she says. “I’ve got new hair, I’ve got wigs, I’ve got a suitcase for my hair. I’ve got the coming out in the pool with the slow motion hair.”

LL, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly, TLC, Mary Mary and more will join Shepherd and the TJMS on board this year when the Carnival Breeze sets sail from Miami on April 11th.

Will Shepherd find another ex-husband on the cruise? She’s prepared for that as well.

“I’ve got confidentiality agreements and pre-nups already photocopied,” Shepherd says. “You ain’t getting near me if you don’t initial something.”

You may want to get closer to Sherri as she is packing some see-through outfits onboard, although ‘Pajama Night’ seems to be the place where that would be most appropriate. And if that’s not enough for you, consider that the legendary cruise is described by TJMS as a “non-stop party,” for 24 hours a day during the entire time.

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