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Dear Tom,

My mother is a good Christian woman who has always been there for my siblings and me.  There’s my big brother Sean, my two older sisters – Anshella & Ranatta – and me (I’m the youngest).  Together, we have blessed her with six grandchildren – 2 boys and 4 girls.

She worked at greater king David Baptist preschool academy for 15 years…but she quit her job the summer of 2013 when my daughter Kameron was born.  It was only temporary – after 18 months, my baby was old enough to start daycare and my mother gone back to work.

My mom is a very giving person who will give her last dollar to help out family, friends, co-workers and any one of those 80 kids at the preschool.  Her favorite thing to do is babysit her grandbabies!

She is very active at her church and drives around in her Nissan minivan helping with the home mission; she visits U.S. veterans; folks in the senior center and also collects and donates items to help the homeless.

My oldest sister, Anshella, lives in Oakland and my mom has not seen her since my sister since last year when she came to visit and it’s been years since my mom went to see her.  I think it would be great for my mom to be going back to Cali.


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