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Dear Tom,

After four years in the Army, my daughter returned home to Orlando where she joined the army reserve.  Two days after she joined, 9/11 happened and she was deployed overseas, serving 4 years in the Iraqi war including a year in Kuwait.

Gianna came back to pursue her college degree under the G.I. bill & that’s when she started a long term relationship with Michael.  She completed her college education, got job with the county and bought a house.  She really wanted to start a family but at the age of 32, she had to have a Salpingectomy – the removal of the Fallopian tubes.

She did some research on in-vitro fertilization programs – like Octo-mom but without the drugs – and last year, she was successful in having four of her eggs fertilized and got pregnant with twins.  They were due in December but were born prematurely on October 17, 2014.

Gianna and Michael got married to make it official but since the twins were born prematurely, they had to be placed in the intensive care nursery.  Her daughter, Mulani, was released on Christmas day and her son, Dosai, came home last month on February 17th – 4 months after he was born.

I would like to her on a romantic getaway since she never had a chance to go on a honeymoon – I will even sweeten the deal by offering free babysitting…what do you say?

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