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I want everyone to give me their full attention because if you’ve just been watching TV or listening to the radio you haven’t heard all of what that New York police detective said to the Uber driver the other day.

You’ve heard the PG version.

This one will tick you off even more.

First the backstory.

The detective was in an unmarked car and not in uniform so the Uber driver didn’t know he was a cop.

The detective was reportedly trying to park his car in front of the Uber driver without using his turn signal.

The Uber driver honked his horn and gestured to the detective that he should use his turn signal like everyone else has to.

Well, apparently the officer didn’t like being told he should play by the rules and pulled the Uber driver over.

Roll it.

Cop and Driver

“You understand me?  You understand me?  Sir I am not trying. You understand me?  Yes sir.  Ok so stop it with your mouth. Stop it with your for what sir, for what sir.  Stop it with that bulls***t.  Ok. And realize the three vehicle and traffic violations you committed. Ok?  You understand me?  Yes sir.  I don’t know what f**king planet you think you’re on right now. I’m not planning sir I’m here.  Planning? I said planet. I said planet. Now sit in your fucking car and stay there.” (slams door)

That sound you hear is the detective slamming the driver’s door so hard it shook the car with the driver and two passengers inside.

After slamming the door the detective walks away for a moment.

The passengers in the backseat advises the driver not to say anything else because the officer was being a jerk.

A few seconds go by and the cop returns.

“Pull over 5 f**king feet.  Just pull over.

The cop walks away again.

One of the passengers informs the driver that he’s recording it all and he’ll email the video to him.

The cop returns.

Cop and Driver

“Now let me tell you something, the next time you do it again. Ok sir.  Ok what?!  You gonna let me f**king finish?  Stop interrupting me! Ok apologize.  I’m sorry.  Who do you think you’re talking to here? Sir I’m not saying nothing.  No every time I open my mouth you have something to say. Driving up my ass when I’m trying to park the car and then you have to do something with your hands. Sir I just say.  I don’t really care what you have to say.  Don’t you understand that? People are allowed to park their car on the side of the street without your interference and then your opinion about what’s going on. Ok sir. I apologize. Especially when the person you’re doing it to are the police.”

Then he goes on to ask the driver how long he’s been in the country and where he’s from and then this.

“The only reason you’re not in handcuffs and going to jail and getting summonsed in the precinct is because I have things to do.  That’s the only reason that’s not happening. Cause this isn’t important enough to me.  You’re not important enough.”

Well he was important enough that the detective Patrick Cherry with the Joint Terrorism Task Force has been put on modified assignment and the department is investigating.

Question is, is he important enough to not to get fired?

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