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Dear Tom,

I am in need of your help—please.  I am fifty-nine years of age and disabled due to a degenerative condition called Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, which is caused by the choking of the nerves in my spinal column.   I suffer from a severe form of this disorder and I have a great deal of pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in my lower extremities.  I have had several operations on my spine over the years and the doctors have told me my back won’t get any better. I also have several other serious health issues that limit my mobility and cause a great deal of discomfort.  I use a walker to get around when I am feeling strong enough, but mostly I no longer leave my home except to visit my doctors.

Recently, my husband has had heart surgery and is recuperating at home.  The only income coming into our household is from monthly SSI/Disability benefits which takes care of our basic needs.  Our mattress is old and uncomfortable for the both of us and we are having trouble sleeping at night.  Often my pain is so extreme I can only find relief sitting in a chair with my legs elevated and of course getting rest is essential for my husband’s recovery.   We do not have the money to buy a new mattress to offer us some relief.

So, it is my Christmas Wish to ask for your help to get us a new, king size mattress set to assist us in getting the sleep we so desperately need, as soon as possible.

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