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Dear Tom,

My name is Courtney Calhoun and I’m writing in for my step daddy. Three years ago I lost my biological dad and that is when my mom met Mr. Anthony.

At the time he was a single parent with two young girls ages 8 and 9. Anyway, we combined families and became one.

He was recently employed at the airport here in ATL however during the Christmas holidays he was let go from work. So now to provide for me and my siblings he goes to the flea market to sell new and used goodies just to get us by.

During the week he goes downtown Atlanta to sale chips, sodas and cookies with his ole faithful moving cart. My mom helps him pack the car up every morning at 6.  I know it’s funny but he works hard and it gets us the necessities we need.

Ever since I’ve known Mr. Anthony he has been wearing the same too big gym shoes back an fourth to work just to get by. I think deserves father of the year.

PS:  my mom gave me permission to write this letter.

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