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Dear Tom,

My name is Nathaniel James and I am a single dad, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  I have completed my first 28 radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but i will need to have some additional surgeries coming up.

I am writing this letter to you because of my daughter, Aleana James.  I got my diagnosis on December 31, 2014 and she has been by my side since day one.   She is a 27 year-old, single mom of a six year-old boy.  She has basically given up her social life to help me out.

Alana works part-time in a retail department store and you know what that pays. She uses public transportation to get back and forth from work and when she gets off work, she rushes to my residence to check on me.  Although i am able to take care of myself—cook, clean, etc., that doesn’t stop this daddy’s girl.

Tom, if you can just help her it would mean so much to the both of us.   She has this used laptop that doesn’t have a port for a mouse and she is trying her hand at blogging.   She is self-taught on using the computer and wants to use it more in her every-day-life.  If she could just have a new laptop and to pamper herself for one day—this would truly be a blessing.

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