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‘Continue To Give’ is an online tithing and giving platform designed Churches, Missionaries, Nonprofits, Individuals, and Adopting Parents.

Our tools are designed to make the giving process easier and more convenient. By giving your supporters an easy way to give when they feel moved, we know we can help your cause grow!

Whether you are a Church looking for steady tithes, or an adopting parent looking to raise money, our great tools will get you there.

Their mission is plain and simple:Helping people help people.

Their reason:

  • To make giving easy and convenient for supporters by providing powerful tools such as kiosk and mobile giving.
  • To provide an online community of efficiency, trust, friendship, transparency, and synergy that is focused on helping those in need.
  • To provide a way for the “small guy” with limited resources to raise the awareness and funds needed for the cause.
  • To provide people and organizations both large and small the infrastructure needed to keep trusting friendships alive with their donors by keeping images, posts, and other social activities up to date.
  • To provide a self-advertising platform with our “Giving Pages” and through integration with social media.

Need to set up a page? Go here.

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