Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett is a national award-winning psychologist, professor, and leading expert on anxiety disorders among African Americans. The first Black woman to be tenured and promoted to the rank of professor in the Kent State University Department of Psychological Sciences, she directs the Program for Research on Anxiety Disorders among African Americans.

Dr. Barnett’s work focuses on helping Black women and girls overcome anxiety and fear. She is the architect and developer of the ‘Build You Own Theme Song’ app and the author of the best-selling book Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman’s Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic and Fear.

An international workshop presenter and speaker, her work has been featured on BET and in in Essence, Ebony, and the New York Times. For more information, follow her on twitter @soothurnerves or log onto her website.

A few facts about African-Americans and anxiety:

  • Anxiety is the unrealistic expectation that something bad is going to happen in the future. This belief leads people to be in a state of highest alert most of the time.
  • Panic attacks are most common form of anxiety. Three (3) types of panic attacks for Blacks: Unexpected, expected and witch-riding/night time panic attacks.
  • People with panic attacks have some form of agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is NOT fear of open spaces, it IS the fear of having a panic attack and not being able to get out or get help
  • Panic attacks are easily treated. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is best form of treatment. Once the physical symptoms pass, it is our mind that keeps us anxious. CBT allows people to understand the cause and effect relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


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