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A man in Milwaukee was pronounced dead on Tuesday after collapsing in his apartment. His family was notified and his body was already being sent to the morgue when lo and behold, he started moving again!

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His girlfriend who had not heard from him for about two days decided to call the police because she feared the worst. With the request of the apartment building’s landlord, the man, who has now been identified as Thomas Sancomb, had in fact collapsed in his bedroom where police had found him, looking cold and lifeless. The paramedics did not even attempt to resuscitate him, believing that he might have been dead for a while before they got there.

Sancomb’s brother was notified of the death and requested an autopsy so the cause of death could be determined. As the transport team arrived to take the body to the morgue, they noticed that his limbs showed some movement, and realized that he had a heart rate! Sancomb was then taken to hospital and it has been reported that he will make a full recovery, and is getting better every day!

Now this is just craziness. Imagine finding out your loved one is dead, and the “oh, just kidding!” We don’t know all the medical details yet as to what happened to Sancomb but we wish him and his family well!


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