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Thank You Note

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If you really need someone to do something for you– consider writing it on a Post-It note. This article from The Huffington Post explains,

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) took note of a decade-old study recently. Psychologist Kevin Hogan writes in HBR that the sticky little squares of paper are “surprisingly persuasive.” The old study revealed that writing your request on a Post-It note is appealing because doing so adds a personal touch and makes someone feel like you’re asking a favor of them. When a group of professors were given instructions via a written note on the cover of a survey, no note, or a note written on a Post-It note stuck to the top of the survey, the vast majority of those who received a Post-It note did what they were asked. Randy Garner, a professor of behavioral science at Sam Houston State University and author of the original study tells the Huffington Post, “Perhaps [in] our seemingly overly technologically bound and electronically enhanced world we live in today, people may find unique interest in the possibly influence of the low-tech impact of a small 3 by 3 inch piece of semi-sticky paper.” To have the greatest impact, select a Post-It that contrasts in color to whatever it is being affixed to.

WOW!  If I had known that, I would’ve written all my request, wants, and needs on a Post-It note! LOL

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