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5 Fights Every Couple Must have




I am not a fighter. I am very much a female, but when it comes to my ‘turn up’ levels and desires to debate, nag and or argue, I’m more on the guy side (laid back) because  I hate to fight. I’d rather let someone argue “at me” and I turn the other cheek or walk away.


I am not a fighter. So I used to think if a couple fought, something was terribly wrong in their union. But the older I get, the wiser I become. I’ve learned that when a couple does not argue, then there may be burgeoning signs that problems are on the way.

I’m learning that arguing is not always a bad thing. In fact, an argument or disagreement every now and then, may be a building block towards truly learning a mate and key in strengthen communication to make that relationship a stronger bond. I’m not saying that it is necessary to pick a fight just for the hello of it. What I am saying is that when a relationship is always passive, there are no bumps (EVER), how will you know how to handle conflict or when storms come? (and I trust that at some point, they will come). Below find 5 Fights Every Couple Should Have (In my eyes):

  1. The Money Fight (The Big Cahuna)
  2. The Sex Fight (No question – even Olympians or Nymphos get tired, I’m guessing)
  3. The Kid Fight (Children have an uncanny ability to start stuff *smile*)
  4. The Family Member Fight (while this may not turn into an all out argument, there’s usually a time when an in-law can cause “strong talks”).
  5. The Car (I don’t know what’s the big deal or why you can’t borrow the spouses car every now and again, but this one still happens)


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