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Georgia, Andersonville, The Confederate battle flag is still proudly flown in downtown, despite the town's notorious civil war history it still insists on calling itself a Civil War village.

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Hey, gorgeous. Here’s stories making the rounds on the web today. Enjoy your Friday, take care of yourself and be well.

Charleston Citizens Call For The Confederate Flag To Be Removed From City Capitol

It saddens me that these flags still fly high in certain parts of our country but alas, we all know that white supremacy is alive and well. Jon Stewart agrees with me wholeheartedly on this one. Check out his somber monologue in response to the Emmanuel AME Church terrorist attack on “The Daily Show” and Mashable’s report on Charleston residents’ petition to city officials here.

Rikers Guards May Soon Wear Body Cameras

The story of Kalief Browder may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in regards to the injustice at the hands of Rikers security guards. NYC officials have provisionally agreed to large-scale changes in forcing guards to wear cameras, abiding by a federal official to monitor their behaviors and to follow specific rules in hitting inmates. Read more at the New York Times.

Chinese Have Had Access To Private U.S. Data For The Past Year

I’m so not kidding. US Federal employees have had their information compromised long before our security official caught on to what was happening. This means scores of personal, familial and financial data was open and ready for the taking. Today is the deadline for the Office of Personnel Management to notify employees if their information was hacked. Read more at the Washington Post.

Uber’s Employee Vs. Contractor Case Could Make Waves For Other Companies

If you love using Uber for their convenient, on-demand car service like I do, you’ll want to brace yourself for the fair hikes they might be facing as a result of their ongoing lawsuit with drivers. After the California Labor Commissioner’s Office ruled that a former driver was an employee and not an independent contract, Uber is now being expected to cover additional costs for drivers such as gas and parking which the service currently doesn’t cover. Uber has put in an appeal but they likely won’t win—meaning there could be a huge shift in the company’s financial structure that can set a precedent for other companies that rely on workers that are also labeled as contractors. Read more at US & World News Report.

Twitter Adds New Lightening Feature To Attract New Users

Twitter is trying really hard to get our attention and to improve their app’s user experience in spite of the dark cloud left behind from CEO Dick Costolo’s recent resignation. Twitter has added a feature called “lightening” to improve it’s tweet aggregation and storytelling techniques to make it easier for users to follow live events. Read more at Fortune.


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