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Dear Tom,

My mom met my dad back in 1983.  She had just served four years in the army at fort Jackson in South Carolina.  Her aunt invited her over for dinner…pizza.  When the delivery guy got there, my mom thought he was cute and said he was very polite with nice manners.

The pizza was $13.10 but she paid with 50 dollar bill on purpose – she tried to buy some time so she could have a conversation with him but he was shy…he made change and split.  She called the restaurant later & ordered another pizza and he wasn’t so shy the second time.  They talked and started dating and 31 years later, they are still married with 2 daughters, 2 sons and one grand-baby!

My mom is an ordained minister at family Christian Center Church. She also owns and operates a not for profit community service program that helps at-risk families.  She provides counseling, shelter, food & clothing and has a free daycare center for children ages 2 to 12.

Recently, my mother put her entire life on hold to care for her 18-year-old son Kevin. He beat pancreatic cancer when he was 9 years old – the doctors had given him just 4 months to live.  He was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is currently waiting for a match on the bone marrow registry so he can get a transplant.

My mom has been by my brother’s side every day at the hospital educating herself on his condition and doing everything in her power to keep his spirits lifted.  I know she is constantly busy but I would love to see her go on a weekend get-away with my dad.  She needs a break.

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