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Amel Larrieux may be a new entrepreneur in the hair industry but it was her unique voice that got her started in music.

As her group Groove Theory’s top 5 classic turns 20 years old (we’re getting old), Amel Larriuex reflects on how that song launched her career. She admits she didn’t know the song would change her life because she had originally written it for someone else.

“You know, it’s one of those things where I really didn’t have a clue that I was doing anything that was going to be pivotal in my career because I wrote that song for a boy group. Actually, I think I wrote it first for Trey Lorenz and he was doing his solo album also on Sony.”

Luckily for fans, Sony, Amel’s record company at the time saw potential in the single for Groove Theory.

“Sony turned around to us and said in the midst of finishing and recording the Groove Theory album ‘We want you to record that song that you wrote for Trey’ and I was like ‘That’s a song for a guy. I didn’t write that for myself.’ It was very black & white. I was like ‘I wrote this song for this purpose and that is it’ and they were like ”yeah we think this is going to be a hit. You should do it.’ So we did and they were right. They put their machine behind it, the Sony machine and it resonated with people. And I just had no idea. ”

While the song has always resonated with fans, Amel initially didn’t feel a connection with the song that people loved hearing.

“It didn’t mean anything to me personally because I really hadn’t written it for myself but what it has done for me is [exactly what you just said to me] which is I live an experience because of that song. It’s in every conversation I have with a person who has related to that song for that many years.

“Instead of being this song that feels so impersonal and I’m trying to sing it and make it mean something, it means something because of the experience I have with the audience who is like jumping out of their skin to sing it with me saying ‘Wow, I remember what I was doing in 95.’ It’s pretty great and it made it possible.”

Sadly, Amel admits that music has been put on hold while she launches her hair care line, but she plans to release an EP in the future. But for now, you can still expect to see Amel Larriuex performing on a stage near you.

Check for Amel Larrieux’s upcoming shows and tour dates here.


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