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Jacque Reid talks to actress Debbie Morgan about the impact of experiencing physical and emotional abuse in her new book, Monkey On My Back.

“My grandmother suffered both physical and emotional abuse. When I did Roots we used to sit around and listen to Ale Haley talk about all these stories. He always said that it was very important to talk to the elders in your family about their issues before they died. All I could think about was the stories of how my grandfather was so physically violent.”

On seeing her mother physically abused:

“There was once that I was peeking through the key hole and I saw him dragging my mother across the floor. He threw her into the refrigerator. It was just a horrible, horrible night.”

Why she wrote the book:

“I wrote the book for myself but also because so much attention is paid to the woman, to the victim. I don’t think enough attention is paid to the children who grow up in these homes.”

Debbie stars in the STARZ hit show Power, which airs on Saturday nights at 9pm.

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