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Let’s face it, what women doesn’t want thick, long, naturally beautiful hair that puts all eyes on her and makes her the envy of all her friends? Our investigative team recently discovered that nearly all hair extensions go through harsh chemical processing (and much worse), yet there is ONE PLACE on earth where hair is donated naturally long and naturally wavy without the need for processing.

As our readers have noted, this is the “Holy Grail” when it comes to hair extensions because it means soft beautiful hair with NO shedding, tangling or chemical smells. And because the waves are NATURAL, they need very little effort to style. To understand just how special this hair is, let us take you behind the scenes of the how most hair extensions and weaves are made.

The Ugly Truth About Hair Extensions

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Source: Her Imports / Her Imports

In the US alone, annual sales of hair extensions make it more than a billion-dollar market. It’s no surprise then that our research led us to an unfortunate fact: a great many of the products out there claim to be “virgin,” “remy,” and “single donor”—yet none of that is true. These companies or sources often found on Ali Express can literally claim anything because no one is really regulating what they say.

Here’s a video we got from a hair insider who explained the process:


Unfortunately, this is how 99 percent of the hair extensions are really created:

1) Remnant hair is gathered from brushes, sinks and floors mostly in China and India.

2) That dirty, tangled hair is then thrown into bags and shipped to chemical processing factories in China.

3) The hair is processed with harsh chemicals to remove the bacteria and lice, as well as to make it wavy or curly.

4) Silicon is often added to help bring back some shine after it has been damaged so deeply.

5) The hairs are then sown into the weft and made to look normal, though hair created like this won’t appear natural and it will tangle very badly.

The result? The hair looks bad, feels coarse and unnatural, is hard to color or treat, tangles easily, sheds all the time and falls apart in less than a month. Worse, the highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals seep into your scalp, disrupting your hormones and ruining your natural hair growth. Many are a big cause of premature baldness among African American women. The heavy metals found in the chemical dyes used are also a documented cause of various caners including bladder cancer.

The “Holy Grail” of Hair – Discovered in India

We were pleasantly astounded when we discovered what appears to be the single best source of hair in the world.

Our team traveled to a small village in India, where the conditions are absolutely PERFECT for hair. First, the woman all eat a vegetarian diet rich in hair nutrients like biotin, vitamin B3, B5, B12, vitamin A, C, D, silica and more. Second, their hair tends to be genetically very thick, robust and capable of growing long—with many, their hair will easily reach their waistline if they allow it. Third, and this was shocking to discover, their hair is naturally wavy. This indeed the first ever hair that has this level of thickness, health, length and is beautifully wavy as well.

Now, here’s the amazing part. Because of the Hindu religion, many believe it to be spiritual to donate their hair to the temple. So they do that, and the temple is supported by collecting and selling the hair.

The difference here is that the hair is cut from one woman (single donor), and then bundled and set aside. Because it’s robust, natural hair from once source has not been mixed up, there is no detangling process and there aren’t any dangerous chemicals used on the hair. It is sold as natural and pure as the day it leaves the temple.

And because all the hair is already set in its natural direction, it’s easy to create a stunningly beautiful weave or bundle that looks infinitely more natural and attractive than anything you’ve ever seen in your life. In fact, this is the same hair celebrities and their top stylists have quietly been using for years.


Celebrity Quality Hair, Without Spending a Fortune

As we learned more, we realized that hair sources like this one in India are so exceptional, many celebrity stylists began to get word and seek out this hair for their clients. After all, if money was no object, why not have the very best hair in the world? Stylists for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé and others began using this secret source for their hair, which is one reason why they always look stunning on camera.

The problem, however, is that most women are obviously not celebrities and cannot necessarily afford what celebs and their stylists can pay for. That’s why so many women are forced to settle for the damaged, chemically treated hair that looks unnatural, tangles easily and falls apart—needing to replaced over and over throughout the year.

But that’s when one of our loyal readers informed us about something truly revolutionary. The company that supplies so many celebrity stylists and get their hair from this pristine source in India just recently launched a financing program that allows women to make small monthly payments for their hair, making it far more affordable. Because of the high quality, this hair will last for years. So while it is more expensive up front it ends up being MUCH less expensive over time because you only need to buy once and reuse for years.

We spoke to one woman, Latisha J., who told us:

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Source: Her Imports / Her Imports

“You guys need to tell people about They have really fixed a big problem for women who use hair extensions. I used to spend about $200 for hair and I thought it felt ok and didn’t tangle to bad. If I spent hours styling it I could get it to look nice. Then I saw Her Imports hair on my co-worker and I couldn’t believe the huge difference.

I looked at their website and saw they had a store near me in New York (and 20 other cities). I went to see the hair in person and it was unbelievable. The problem was it cost about $350 for what I wanted so I was not going to be able to get it until the girl told me I could finance it for $30 per month! I have had their hair for over a year now and it is amazing. I feel bad when I see girls that think they are getting good hair and really have no clue. You should tell everyone about Her Imports!”

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Source: Her Imports / Her Imports

We also researched the company she mentioned, tracing their hair back to that same source in India, where we found what was and is truly the “Holy Grail” in hair extensions. To learn more about their hair, click here and you’ll be taken to their website and store. You can explore their list of clients, and learn about the right hair kit and bundles for you. Perhaps, most importantly, there’s no need to pay everything up front. If you qualify for their financing program (all you need is your basic info and a bank account—no credit card), you can make small monthly payments.

We’ve even worked out a special deal for our readers, which you can learn about below.

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Source: Her Imports / Her Imports


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