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Dear Tom,

I would like to recognize, my husband Henry Montgomery as a real father and definitely a real man.

In 2000, I was a single mom of 2, working and providing for my family.  I lucked up and met henry Montgomery while picking up my nephew from work (henry was his manager).  Every time henry and I spoke on the phone or met for lunch, he spoke about his daughters. That’s what drew me to him.  He made sure that even though he wasn’t with their mother, he was up close and personal in their lives.

Once I got to really know henry, I learned that henry was the male matriarch of his family.  All his brothers, brother in laws, sisters, sister in laws, nieces, nephews, friend and mother looked to him for guidance and support. Henry has also taken on being big brother to one of my brothers that really needed some guidance. Henry is the go-to-person for so many people in our lives. While raising his 2 girls, henry took on the responsibility of father to my 2 children also. I had a teenage boy and we all know how tough that can be, but henry jumped right in and ran with it.  Henry is always willing to lend a hand, regardless of how he’s feeling. Henry and I wed in 2005. Fifteen years later and henry is still standing strong and the leader of the Montgomery family.

he’s retired so not only did he lead his entire family for all these years, now he babysits his 10 month old grandson Monday thru Friday while his daughter works and go to school. And sometimes he babysits my 3 month granddaughter as well.

Henry truly is a real father and a real man.

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