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Dear Tom,

My Aunt is the single mother of beautiful 8-year-old jade who will be turning “9” this coming Sunday.  My aunt Linda is a proud graduate of Tennessee state university who was living in Chicago working as a bio-medical engineer until 2012, that’s when my grandmother (her mother) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

She knew she needed to take care of her mother full-time so she relocated us to Nashville in order to take her out of her home in Chicago and have her close to family.

Then in 2013, my mother (her sister) was diagnosed with brain cancer.  My aunt also took care of her for 6 months.  My mom’s death was especially hard on my aunt because they were the best of friends.

When my grandma’s Alzheimer’s got worse, Linda decided to quit her job and still continues to take care of her while travelling back & forth to Chicago to check on her father.  She really wanted to bring him to Nashville to be with family but he died at the age of 92 on September 8th.

With everyone sick, she didn’t really have time to relax and I can see how the trials and tribulations of our family have affected her but she stays strong and proud and is focusing on finding an engineering job everyday but with no avail.

As you know, we are landlocked here in Nashville, so if you could send her anywhere with sand, sun and surf, I know it will give her a long awaited sigh of relief.

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