Muslim Man praying

Source: (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images) / Getty

14-year old Ahmed Mohammed, a Texas high school student aspires to attend MIT and become an engineer one day. His scientific mind led him to build a homemade digital clock that he took to school to impress his teacher. You’d think he’d get a pat on the back and be praised for his ingenuity, but no. He was arrested! Yes, arrested. Apparently, the teacher felt threatened, feeling that the science project could have been some sort of explosive device. Mohammed was taken to the police station in Irving, Texas and when asked by police, what the device was, he simply stated that it was a clock.

The Internet has been busy with posts, comments and opinions about whether or not Mohammed would have arrested had he not been Muslim. Most of the comments have been in support of the young man. President Obama has reached out to the young man and invited him to the White House. Oh, and by the way, he can bring his clock!

He has been released and not charged, however, he was still suspend from school. Click here to read more.

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