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As much as we’d all love a leisurely wedding day, brides are almost always in a rush hours before the big moment. While you’ve got all your ducks in a row in terms of paying vendors and having your glam squad ready, it’s easy to forget some really important things in the shuffle.

Before you step foot out of the door on your wedding day, make sure you have the following things with you!

Marriage License

Think of your marriage license like a passport into the land of matrimony: many officiants will not perform a wedding without it. A good way to guarantee that you have it with you on your wedding day is to put it with your dress because there is no way you’re leaving that behind. Or, you can give it to your groom to deliver. Failing that, hand it off to your mama before you leave for the wedding because you know she doesn’t miss a thing!

Bridal Undergarments

If you’re planning to get dressed at your wedding venue, then you might want to check that the undergarments you plan to wear with the dress are in-hand before you leave your place. What you wear under the dress is the foundation of the look, so don’t forget to have everything you need.

Bridal Flats

Those heels you walked down in the aisle in are super cute. They won’t feel so cute three hours into your wedding day, though. Be sure to pack up a pair of pretty flats to go with your dress so you won’t be limping around your own reception.

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Money For Incidentals

Whether it’s a bank card or cold, hard cash, make sure you have some form of payment on hand. This will allow you to more easily handle any incidentals that may come up. Got a headache? You’ve got money for aspirin at CVS. Need to get your nails redone? No problem because you can cover it! Or you could graciously tip your vendors as a token of appreciation for their service.

Clothes For The Next Day

We know you love your wedding dress, but you probably don’t want to be running around in it the day after the ceremony. Pack an overnight bag of clothes to wear the next day when you’re getting ready for your honeymoon.

Valid Identification And Travel Documents

Should you be leaving for your honeymoon right after your wedding, you will need both a valid form of identification and your travel documents like tickets and reservation information. As a matter of fact, you can pack it in that overnight bag of clothes you should have put together for the day after your wedding.

Mobile Chargers (Plural)

Guess what? You just found a use for all of the old phone chargers you have lying around your house! With a bridal suite full of bridesmaids, parents, close friends, glam team and whoever else, someone is bound to be in desperate need of a battery boost. That’s not even mentioning how many times you may need to charge! Your phone might be going off every 5 minutes on your wedding day…while you’re trying to get to the next level of Bejeweled on your iPad (a bride’s got to decompress somehow). Bring  several phone and device chargers (and a power strip) so you can set up a mini-power station in the prep area. Your bridal party and all of their devices will thank you.

BONUS: The Groom’s Ring

You’d be surprised how many brides forget to bring their groom’s ring with them to the wedding venue. Pack it up with your wedding jewelry, or even wear it around your neck if you have to. Just don’t show up to the altar without his wedding ring.


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