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Dear Tom,

I would like to recognize my husband & my friend, Michael Copeland.

The summer of 2013 changed our lives forever when we heard the news that we were expecting our first child. I had just completed my bachelor’s degree while my husband (then fiancé) was a semester away from completing what was left of his bachelor’s degree. When we got the news, it was met with both excitement and fear as to what the future held for not only our relationship, but for the life of this child Michael and I were now responsible for.

Tough decisions needed to be made. and out of all the drastic changes in our lives in preparation for our daughter, my husband Michael made the largest sacrifice in foregoing his final semesters to pursue work to provide for our little family.  It definitely wasn’t easy.  As most recent grads can attest, life after college can be frustrating.  And it was no different for my husband who worked dead end job after dead end job to make ends meet.

he is the only man I know that can juggle working a third shift job at night, caring for our daughter throughout the day while I’m working, and still going to school online — all the while being the husband and friend I need.  He sacrificed so much for us and yet still manages to keep that coke bottle smile on his face.

It has truly been an honor to watch the boy I fell in love with become a man right before my very eyes. Which is why I’m asking for your help tom, to help me honor my real life hero.

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