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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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Empire season 2 kicked off three months later with Lucious Lyon still locked up for killing Bunky Johnson and the tables have turned. Lucious was being held without bail so Cookie decided to use it as an opportunity to hold a #FreeLucious concert to scout potential investors. One of those big time investors is Mimi (Marisa Tomei). Mimi was interested in investing a lot of money in Empire, but she also wanted to do more with Cookie than donate money. Catch my drift?

Back On The Farm…

While Lucious is in jail, we meet Frank Gathers (played by Chris Rock). Gathers is a formidable king pen that used to employ Lucious. He is the King Pen of all King Pens and happens to be the man Cookie snitched on to get a lighter sentence. Everyone is afraid of Gathers, but Lucious. When Jemel, Cookie’s cousin, and asks for Lucious’ protection, the Empire king declines.

More Tables Turning

Jamal, Empire’s new boss, visited Lucious in jail to catch up. In a twist, they actually seemed to be getting along. At the moment, Jamal was alone on this frontline for Empire because everyone else was plotting on the company. Ironically, his dad is all he has. However, the biggest take away from this conversation is Lucious’ crass question, “Who was that lesbian bitch?” in questioning Mimi’s presence near Cookie at the rally.


Cookie put together a lesbian party for Mimi, because Empire is ridiculous like that (ah, the mind of lee Daniels), as another way to entice her to invest in the company. So far, so good, especially when Cookie forces Boo Boo Kitty to entertain Mimi’s flirting.

The Big Meeting

Eventually, the big meeting with Mimi went down. Cookie and company thought they had it in the bag, but someone got in Mimi’s head because she decided Empire would be nothing without Lucious, and if she invests then he stays. Lucious then popped up on a big screen (because prisoners, can Skype now, I guess) and said, “Game over bitches.” So what had happened was, Lucious and Jamal are in cahoots while everyone else, who teamed up against them, are assed out.

Meanwhile, Back in Prison

Frank Gathers sat before a battered Jemel while eating his eye for lunch (seriously), bib and all. The twisted attempt was to figure out who snitched on him and Jemel sang like a jail bird. Now, we know Cookie is really in danger, but we also have questions like, how did they get so much free time in jail to rip people’s eyes out and then eat them like this is some bizarro world Hannibal Lecter cafe? Also, did no one hear Jemel screaming? Is this a minimum-security facility? Are the C.O.’s being paid to overlook certain infractions? What gives? (Note, Frank’s cannibalism was to post to be majorly played up, but Fox was not into it).

Cookie’s Warning

Later on, Cookie got a package just as her sister Carol tried to warn her about the roses she got were from Frank. Cookie then snatched the lid off her new package to reveal Jemel’s severed head, RIP. Again, how does one just get away with severing a head in jail?

Lucious’ Place

Cookie told everyone to meet at Lucious’ house because that’s the safest place to be, then visits Lucious in the pen to try to get him to fix the situation. You know Lucious still loves him some Cookie. Despite being a world class jerk, he stepped in like a lion to protect his family.

Lucious’ Big Score

Lucious told Frank he’d give his aspiring rapper daughter a record deal if he drops his beef with Cookie, but Frank didn’’t want to let it go. Frank said he has no problem with Lucious, but he has to teach Cookie a lesson for snitching. For a hot second it seemed like Luscious was with it, but then, the tables turned. Lucious got Frank’s goons to turn against him. Subsequently, Lucious has his new goons terminate Frank. Beef settled. Lucious still runs this, but I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of looking forward to seeing more of Pookie’s new found gangsta.

Finally Safe

Meanwhile, Cookie headed to Lucious’ house to tell all the refugees the drama is over, but Jamal is furious to see her and kicks her out for trying to take the label from him. That sucks. We all know that Lucious is making nice with Jamal at the moment, but this isn’t going to last.


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