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Hello Beautiful recently sat down for a round table interview with Chris Rock and Nia Long to discuss their upcoming documentary, “Good Hair.” In the no-holds-barred interview, the dynamic duo discussed topics ranging from black entrepreneurship (Chris: “What business do we run? Where should I go and get a job besides the NBA and Tyler Perry?”) to LisaRaye and Al Sharpton’s sex life (Nia: “He strikes me as a bottom guy. I’m not saying anything about LisaRaye. She could kick my a**. I think Al wants to be served.”)

In Part 1 one of the interview, Chris and Nia dish on black people, the African American experience and, well, good hair:

So, what is “good hair”?

CHRIS: Good hair is whatever hair works for you, because the same hair doesn’t work for everybody, you know what I mean?

NIA: Like I was rocking [a wig] last week. It didn’t work for me. I would say healthy hair is good hair. You know, whatever hair you don’t have, you can go buy. A weave can be good hair too.

We at Hello Beautiful went on a field trip and got some hair and we wanted to know if you really think that all hair is good hair considering this? [I reveal a $20 black wig from Ricky’s NYC]

CHRIS: Well, that’s synthetic, and it looks like a Halloween wig.

So then there is some bad hair?

CHRIS: Well, no. You don’t know. On the right person…

NIA: It could be hot.

How about for someone whose natural hair looks like this cheap wig?

If they’re happy with it, if they like it, if they’re comfortable with it, it’s okay.

So it’s all about your perception of your own hair?

NIA: Yes, your self esteem, how you rock it. If you have swagger, you can rock any kind of hair.

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