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Donald Trump Visits Turnberry Golf Club

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Russell Simmons Writes Open Letter To His Friend Donald Trump

Music and fashion entrepreneur, Russell Simmons recently penned an open letter to Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump who has been a friend of Simmons for over 30 years. The Def Jam co-founder shared his disappointment with the way in which Trump has positioned himself in the media as a racist and a bigot while Simmons and his family have had a completely different personal relationship with ‘The Donald’. Simmons shared that he presides over an organization that combats Islamophobia and despite Trump’s disparaging comments against Muslims, he’s happily worshipped at a mosque with Simmons. “Stop the bullshit. Stop fueling fires of hate. You have been many people’s champ in the past, but now you are becoming a major embarrassment” said Simmons. Global Grind

Man Uses Location Settings On Social Media Posts To Plan Robberies

Arturo Galvan was arrested on charges of burglary, receiving stolen property, peeping and prowling. The 44-year-old implored the “add location” feature on Facebook and Instagram posts to determine the home address of college students throughout southern California. He allegedly took framed photos, underwear, iPads, TVs and computers from nearly 30 victims who most likely attended California State University Fullerton and Chapman University in Orange, California. LA Times

Bernie Sanders Meets With Black Pastors: Don’t Ask About ISIS Today

Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders was recently in Baltimore meeting with black pastors to discuss education, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), economic inequality and racial justice. The senator had his press secretary tell reporters that he wanted to stick to those specific topics and not talk about ISIS however, the request was ignored. Sanders was hoping to discuss domestic issues and topics that were of concern to black voters, not foreign policy. “Today what we’re talking about is a community in which half of the people don’t have jobs!” Sanders said of the conditions in Baltimore. “We’re talking about community where kids are unable to go to schools that are decent.” Moving forward in his campaign Sanders is hoping reporters get more creative and less redundant with their questions. “What are we going to do about poverty in America? You know how many times I’ve been asked that question? Never! Not once. That’s the truth” he said. Buzzfeed

Stricter Regulations Are Forthcoming For Europeans To Enter The U.S.

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the House of Representatives have overwhelmingly approved a bill to regulate travelers entering the U.S. from Europe. If the bill, which has been passed to the Senate becomes a law, anyone entering the U.S. who has traveled to Iraq or Syria in the last five years would require a visa application. Presently, visas aren’t necessary for short-term travelers from European countries as well as Japan and South Korea. Politicians believe the proposed law helps to lessen future instances of terrorism. “Keeping the American people safe remains the House’s top priority,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan “Today, we took a major step forward in our effort to prevent foreign terrorists from reaching our shores.”

Transgender Woman Goes To Jail For Making Hotel Manager Uncomfortable 

Meagan Taylor was en route to a funeral when she and her friend stayed at the Drury Inn & Suites in West Des Moines. While checking in, Taylor used her license which indicated that she was born a male. The 23-year-old is currently taking medication to formally transition from male to female. The hotel manager was uncomfortable with Taylor and her fellow transgender friend’s appearance and called the police. On the call with the 911 operator is heard saying, “I have somebody that is a little unusual that is checking into the hotel, and I didn’t know if there was any way to possibly run their name or information through the database.” Upon finding out the search could not be done over the phone, the hotel manager requested officers still come to the inn to determine whether or not Taylor and her friend were prostitutes.Taylor was arrested for not having a prescription for her hormones as well as an unrelated outstanding warrant. She spent several days in jail but the charges were later dismissed. Buzzfeed


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