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Chicago Representatives Propose Bill To Recall Rahm Emanuel As Mayor 

La Shawn Ford is one of two Illinois representatives who recently introduced a bill to recall Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel. State Representative Mary Flowers, also a Democrat, signed on as a co-sponsor. While there are is legislation in place to recall a governor, there aren’t any procedures that apply to mayors. Ford’s proposed legislation would amend a 1941 electoral law. If passed by the legislature, a recall petition would need to collect at least 15% of signatures that would correlate with the number votes cast in the most recent mayoral election. In the event of a successful recall, a separate election would choose a successor. [Huffington Post]

Nearly One Million People Sign Petition To Ban Donald Trump From The U.K.

Did you know the British government had an official petitions website? It allows their citizens to rally behind a cause that their Parliament will review as a prospective law if it garners over 100,000 signatures. Following Donald Trump‘s call to ban Muslim immigration into the U.S., journalist Suzanne Kelly launched a petition to ban Trump from the U.K. The plea, which calls for Trump to be banned based on his excessive use of hate speech, has already garnered more than 300,000 signatures. The Parliament’s Petitions Committee will decide how it wants to proceed with the request when they reconvene on January 5, 2016. [CNN]

University of Illinois Constructing Multi-Million Dollar African American Cultural Center

Nearly five years after it’s closing, the Bruce D. Nesbitt African-American Cultural Center at the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL will reopen in 2018. The school has pledged nearly $5 million towards constructing a state of the art facility. Founded in 1969, the center was designed to provide a welcoming environment for students of color as well as a safe place for them to address any personal and academic issues. The previous building had become so dilapidated to the point where the ceilings were falling and the stairs were unsafe to use. The new building will be twice as large as the prior facility at nearly 10,000 square feet. As the building process ensues, students and alumni’s input on the design and functionality of the center will be welcomed. [News Gazette]

Did You Know Inmates Have To Pay To Be Incarcerated?

In efforts to recoup the cost to house an inmate, states frequently file lawsuits against the individual upon their release. Dubbed, “pay to stay”, prisons across the country charge various amounts of money for each day of their sentence in addition to costs for food, booking fees and much more. Upon their release, many inmates owe tens of thousands of dollars. Former felons, who typically struggle to secure meaningful employment, risk having their checks garnished to satisfy their prison bills. In some instances where former inmates have won lawsuits against the state for some sort of civil rights violation, their money will be seized; the same with an inheritance or any other winnings. Washington, DC and Hawaii are the only two states without “pay to stay” regulations. [The BBC]

Muslim 6th Grader Attacked And Called “ISIS”

The parents of three six graders are seeking legal representation for their sons who are being accused of inciting a hate crime. In the midst of current events surrounding terrorism, the students assaulted a Muslim female classmate. They ripped her hijab and called her “ISIS” (referencing the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” militant group.) The incident took place at P.S. 89 in New York. No word on if the parents of the young lady will press charges but the boys will appear in front of the schools disciplinary board. While the school declined to comment on the incident, a representative from the Department of Education said, “We are committed to promoting safe and supportive environments and a community of inclusion in all DOE schools.” [Inside Edition] 


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