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I got to sit down with Donald Trump to ask him face to face about his controversial proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States until our government can “figure out what’s going on.”

LEMON: “Here’s what my Muslim friends.  You say that you have lots of Muslim friends and they agree with you on this…

TRUMP: I have Muslim partners.  I do deals with Muslims,

LEMON: Okay.  So they say our next step is internment camps.  I cannot believe this guy is proposing what he is proposing.

TRUMP: We’re not going to have…but by the way.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  According to you, would be a great President.  According to many people would be a great.  He was a great President.

LEMON: And we have said that he wasn’t right.

TRUMP: I don’t care if you said he wasn’t right he did it.

LEMON: Meaning the country has said that.

TRUMP: Okay.  So he can do it.  And what I’m talking about it is nothing by comparison to that.”

Trump told me he wanted to talk straight and not be misconstrued.

He says, “There’s something out there that is evil.  There’s something out there that’s causing problems,” and he says, (quote) “The amazing thing and the beautiful thing is that many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me.”


He said all this while citing a new Bloomberg poll which shows that nearly two-thirds of likely GOP primary voters back his Muslim ban.

37% of all likely voters favor his proposal.

And 18% of likely Democratic voters are in favor – However, 75% of likely Democratic voters oppose the Muslim ban.

Many of those who oppose the ban are among the group who calls Trump’s proposal and rhetoric racist.

So, as I asked him before, I asked him again; this time more specifically about whether he’s a racist.


“LEMON: Here’s my question and I asked you last time I said and some people were shocked if you were racist.  You knew why I was asking you that.  Are you racist?

TRUMP: I am the least racist person that you have ever met.  I am the least racist person.

LEMON: Are you bigoted in any way do you think?

TRUMP: I don’t think so.  No.  I don’t think so.

LEMON: Islamophobic?

TRUMP: I’m a person that.  No not at all.  I’m a person who happens to be very smart.  And I happen to have a certain street sense and I know where things are going.  I said, “Take out Osama Bin Laden.”  In a book written in the year 2000 called “The America We Deserve.”  I said you better be careful because I saw this guy Osama Bin Laden probably on television.  I said, take him out.  He knocked down the World Trade Center.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing in our entire 35 minute interview is what he told me about winning the black vote.


“A poll was taken recently where as a Republican, which is unheard of, I had 25% of the black vote. So African Americans, 25% for Trump.  A political pundit says wow if that’s true the election’s over.  Trump wins.  I think I’m gonna win the African American vote.  And I think I’m gonna win the Hispanic voter.”

I have not seen, nor could I find that poll, but I have heard African Americans and Hispanics tell me personally that they would vote for Trump.

25% however is a high bar.

So, I’ll ask the audience of predominately African American listeners; Is Donald Trump right, would you vote for him?

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